Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to tweaks Samsung Galaxy Fame

Hello friends, welcome back to another how-to article for samsung galaxy fame, in this article i will show you how to tweaks the UI of samsung galaxy fame, hopefully the UI will be more faster and smooth after the tweaks. Not only that, i will also increase the overall touch responsiveness for samsung galaxy fame.

Before we start, you need two things : first your samsung galaxy fame need to be root, second you will need root explorer app. In case you don't have root explorer you can use other app that can go deep into the system folder.

But i suggest use the root explorer app, here's root explorer on google playstore. And here's the alternate download link. Alright, once you have the tools, let's do the tweaking. This is an advance tutorial that may damage your phone, so DO AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!

Here's step by step how to tweak the UI of samsung galaxy fame :
  • step one, open root explorer
  • step two, go to /system folder and then mount it as read and write (R/W)
  • step three, find file called "build.prop"
  • step four, tap and hold the "build.prop" file, you will see "Options" and the select "Open in Text Editor".
  • step five, scroll down to the end of the file and then add this :
 #Force launcher into memory

#Render UI with GPU

#Increase overall touch responsiveness
  • step six, press the setting button and then select "Save and Exit"
  • step seven, restart your phone. 
Take a look at these images for better explanation :
If you do it correctly, now your galaxy fame should be smoother than before, but maybe you won't notice it at all. This tricks works on my samsung galaxy fame GT-S6810 running stock jelly bean 4.1.2. This tweaking method may help you overcome the sluggishness on samsung galaxy fame (or maybe not).


  1. Essas dicas me ajudaram muito... melhorou muito a velocidade do meu android... thank you so much ... muito obrigado o brazil agradece!