Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to switch between MTP PTP on Galaxy Fame

In this article i will show you how to switch between MTP and PTP mode on samsung galaxy fame. This is another newbie tutorial.

To switch between MTP and PTP mode you have to plug the phone to a computer and then go to notification bar and select "Connected as a media device" (touch for other USB options).
This will bring the "USB PC connection" menu, and you will have two options, select as media device (MTP) or camera (PTP).

The MTP mode allows you to show the phone's internal storage (the 2GB user available space) and your actual SD card (external storage).

While the PTP mode will treats the galaxy fame as a digital camera, so you can view all the images inside your phone.

The PTP mode is important if you're going to work with ADB tool, so besides USB debugging mode the PTP mode also need to be activate if you want to use ADB tool.

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  1. When I activate PTP mode it will revert back to MTP as soon as I change it to PTP.

    Samsung Galaxy S2