Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Deodex Samsung Galaxy Fame

Hi everyone, welcome back, today in this article i will show you how to deodex samsung galaxy fame. What is deodex? why do i need to deodex my phone?

Well, i'm not going to explain to you what is deodex in this article, but you can google about that, i want to make this tutorial short.

Okay, basically here's what you need to deodex galaxy fame :
  • galaxy fame running stock firmware AMJ1
  • CWM recovery mode
  • AMJ1 deodex flashable zip
  • little bit of courage
Before we start, i want you to go to /system/app folder (use root explorer), you should see there are so many .odex files.

Step by step how to deodex samsung galaxy fame :
  1. download the flashable zip file
  2. copy the zip file to external sdcard (do not unzip)
  3. go to CWM recovery mode
  4. select wipe cache partition > yes - wipe cache
  5. select advanced > wipe dalvik cache > yes - wipe dalvik cache
  6. select install zip > choose zip from /external_sd > select Deodex_s6810_AMJ_by_towney.zip > yes - install
  7. select go back > reboot system now
After you get back to the system again, you will not see any different, so how do i find out my phone deodex or not?

Now i want you to open root explorer and go to /system/app/ folder again, this time you should not see any .odex files, not even a single file.

That means you have successfully deodexed your galaxy fame....congratulation. :)

~ cheers ~


  1. hi ...... did you know enabled USB OTG in Galaxy fame ?

    1. i dont think its possible, the hardware doesn't support OTG so there is no way to enable it

  2. ok ...... ;_; (tanks for response xD)

  3. can u give me a link to download kitkat os for samsung galaxy fame GT-S6812

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