Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Fame

Hello everyone, welcome back, in this article i'm going to show you how to flash samsung galaxy fame using software called odin.

Before we start, you might asking why do you need to flash your phone (in this case samsung galaxy fame), well here's some of the reasons :
  • your phone stuck in bootloop
  • you want to use stock rom
  • you can't do firmware update via OTA
  • you wanna sell your phone after do a lot of modification
To flash samsung galaxy fame, you'll need two things, the firmware/rom file for galaxy fame, and a software called odin on the computer.

You can download galaxy fame firmware/rom file from, dont worry it's free but you'll need to register first. 

The firmware file is about 500 Mb in zipped format (compressed), and when you extract the zip file it's about 900 Mb.

Next you will need software called odin, you can download odin from here. Alright after you have all the ingredients, now let's start.

Step by step how to flash samsung galaxy fame :
  1. extract the firmware/rom file (it should be .md5)
  2. turn off galaxy fame and then boot into download mode, read here if you don't understand
  3. open/run odin on the computer (as administrator)
  4. plug the galaxy fame to the computer
  5. wait until odin detect the galaxy fame (it should show the COM port)
  6. click on PDA and select the firmware file (the .md5)
  7. wait until odin finish checking the firmware file
  8. click start to begin flashing
  9. wait until the whole process finish
  10. odin should say "PASS!", you can unplug the phone.
That's it, you just flash your galaxy fame, congratulation your samsung galaxy fame become fresh and new again.


  1. i cant dowload free firmware for gt-s6812 please...please help me

  2. which one of the file from the firmware the boo or the cs file