Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to force Galaxy Fame to play HD games

As you all know, samsung galaxy fame is terrible device in terms of gaming, many games (including casual games) fails to work on galaxy fame.

Seems like galaxy fame is not built for gaming at all, but there is a solution to this problem, it's not going to be perfect though.

There is an app called GL Tools, which can be used to force low end device to play HD games, GL Tools works like chainfire3d on gingerbread device.

You can buy GL Tools (graphic optimizer) for about $2.99 dollars on google play, yes it's not a free app.

If you want to try first, you can download from here. Note that GL Tools required root access in order to work. Once installed you will see list of apps on your phone, select the one that you want to emulate.

Next you will see a lot of options, i can't tell you which one is better, so you'll have to try by yourself, each games may have different settings. Once everything set, try run the game, it's probably takes a long time to load so be patient!

I already try with grand theft auto 3, before i can't even enter the game, but after using GL Tools i can enter the game even though it's still not playable on my galaxy fame

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