Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to play PS1 games on Galaxy Fame

Samsung galaxy fame is a crappy device in terms of gaming, most of the popular games on android cannot be play on galaxy fame, but what about emulator?

Luckily samsung galaxy fame could run ps1 emulator without any problem, i already try ePSXe and FPse, they both runs smooth on my galaxy fame.

I suggest you choose ePSXe as emulator on galaxy fame, because it doesn't ask you to connect to internet (license verification check) every time you play like FPse.

To use ps1 emulator you need ps1 bios and of course the game itself, the ps1 game ROM usually in .ISO format and the size is around 500 Mb - 700 Mb for a single disc.

So you definitely need to store the game ROM on external sdcard, basically here's what you need to be able to play ps1 games on android phone :
  1. ePSXe emulator app, download from play store or from here
  2. ps1/psx bios, download from here.
  3. ps1/psx game ROM, you can download from this website or from other website
Just for testing you can download small game ROM, which is tekken 3 but without movie, so the file size is very small only 33 Mb, download from here.

Step by step how to play ps1 emulator on galaxy fame :
  1. install ePSXe on galaxy fame
  2. copy the bios file (SCPH1001) to /storage/sdcard0/epsxe/bios/
  3. copy the ps1 game ROM to external sdcard
  4. open ePSXe, select "Run Game", let it scan your external sdcard and then choose the game you want to play.

If you read my previous post about how to setup ps3 gamepad on galaxy fame, you can use it with ePSXe, it is compatible, but you need to map the key first.

To map the key, go to "Preferences" and then select "Player 1" and the select "Player 1 map buttons", map the button correctly.

Playing ps1 games on galaxy fame is a lot more fun using gamepad because if you are using the on screen gamepad is not comfortable due to the small screen size.

~ enjoy ~

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  1. thank u so much, now i can play any ps1 games on my fame,i played spiderman enter electro, need for speed hot pursuit,and these games are running absolutely fine without any lags and crash unlike android games. i wish there would be an emulator for ps3 games too.