Friday, May 9, 2014

How to setup PS3 gamepad on Galaxy Fame

In this article i will show you guy's how to setup PS3 dual shock 3 wireless controller/gamepad on samsung galaxy fame.

Samsung galaxy fame is 100% compatible with the dual shock 3 controller, i already try it on my GT-S6810 and works fine.

Okay, to do this you are going to need :
  • Samsung galaxy fame with root permission
  • PS3 wireless controller
  • Sixaxis Controller app (download from play store, or from here)
  • Sixaxis Pair Tool (download from here)
  • Laptop or PC

Here's step by step how to setup PS3 controller on samsung galaxy fame :
  1. install Sixaxis Controller app on galaxy fame, 
  2. open Sixaxis Controller app, press start button (it will ask for root permission), look at the bottom it will show local bluetooth address
  3. install and run Sixaxis Pair Tool software on your laptop or PC
  4. plug the PS3 controller to your laptop or PC using usb cable and then press the playstation button, this will show bluetooth address on the PS3 controller (current master).
  5. write down local bluetooth address found on step 2 to the "change master" input and then hit update, this will update the bluetooth address on PS3 controller.
  6. unplug the PS3 controller from the computer
  7. open Sixaxis controller app and press start button (if not started yet), wait until it says "Listening for controllers..."
  8. press the playstation button on the PS3 controller, the Sixaxis Controller app should says "Client 1 connected [Battery status: Full]".
  9. press the "Change IME" button and then select "Sixaxis Controller" as the input method.
  10. done!! you should be able to navigate using the PS3 controller.

Just remember that while you set Sixaxis Controller as the input method, you won't be able to use the keyboard, you won't be able to type with the touch screen.

So when you are done playing with PS3 controller, make sure you change the IME back to "Samsung keyboard".

You can use the PS3 controller to play games, but not all android games support for gamepad, here's some games that might works with PS3 controller :
  • dead trigger
  • dead trigger 2
  • gunman clive
And of course it's also works with all kind of emulator on android, such as ps1 emulator, snes emulator, sega emulator, etc.

~ have fun ~

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