Monday, February 17, 2014

Dead Trigger on Galaxy Fame

Dead trigger (the original) is another good game by madfinger that actually works on samsung galaxy fame. Dead trigger runs smoothly on my galaxy fame, i'm very surprised.

Dead trigger is a first person shooter game where you shoot bunch of zombies in order to survive, this is really good game i must say.

Dead trigger is actually a free game, you can download dead trigger for free on google play store, but of course there will be in-game purchase and probably some ads too.

I suggest you download from this alternative download link (contain apk + data cache), because this version is the one that works on my samsung galaxy fame.

I'm not saying that if you download from the play store it won't work, just better be safe than sorry, anyway here's dead trigger link on google playstore, if you wish to download from there.

Despite the small screen size playing dead trigger on samsung galaxy fame is truly enjoyable, plus there are no lag at all everything seems smooth.

So far already 2 games from madfinger that works well on galaxy fame, dead trigger and samurai:II vengeance (see my previous post). I wonder if shadowgun also playable on galaxy fame.

Anyway, here's screenshots of dead trigger taken from my samsung galaxy fame :


  1. plz upload asphalt 6 i heard that asphalt 6 is playable on galaxy fame , even iron man3 and nova 3 are playable. can u plz upload these games.

    1. i dont have the game, but thanks for the info, i will find those games later and test it see if it really work.

    2. if you like racing game, try this mini motor racing works on my galaxy fame