Saturday, February 22, 2014

King of Fighters 97 on Galaxy Fame

King of Fighters 97 (KOF 97) is a classic fighting game made by SNK originally for Neo Geo arcade machine now available on android platform.

King of fighters 97 brings back the memory of an arcade fighting game, i think for those who played this game before should definitely play again on their mobile phone or tablet.

KOF 97 works perfectly on samsung galaxy fame, the only problem is that because of the small screen it's hard to see the buttons.

The graphics didn't change at all from the original game, you'll have the same experience just like playing on an arcade machine.

The only different is that on KOF 97 for android, you can play with your friends via bluetooth connection (multiplayer).

So go ahead buy King of Fighters 97 on google playstore, it costs $3.99 USD, i highly recommend this game it's worth the money.

Or if you prefer the free one, here's the alternative download link, how to install :
  • install the apk but don't open
  • extract the game data cache then copy the com.snkplaymore.android001 folder to /sdcard0/android/data
  • open the game with internet connection, only for the first time (dont worry it won't download anything from internet)
Here's screenshots of KOF 97 taken from my samsung galaxy fame :

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