Sunday, February 9, 2014

How to factory data reset on Galaxy Fame

Hello galfamers, welcome to another how-to article, this time i'm going to show you how to do factory data reset on samsung galaxy fame.

I found that doing a factory data reset will also remove the root access, so for you guys who have been asking about how to unroot galaxy fame this is the answer.

Doing a factory data reset will reset and delete everything on the internal storage/sdcard (/sdcard0) not the external sdcard. So if you have data on external sdcard (microsd) it should be safe.

I want you to take deep breath before doing this and make sure you don't have anything important on the internal storage because this method is irreversible.

All data will be erased from device memory, including your google account, system and application data, settings, and downloaded applications, music, photos, other user data.

Alright, to do the factory data reset, just go ahead open "Settings" and then select "Backup and reset", then scroll down to the bottom and select "Factory data reset".

When you hit the "Reset device" button there will be one more confirmation that says; Erase all your personal information and downloaded apps? Data cannot be recovered, then hit "Delete all".

The phone will reboot and once come back, you will be doing the first setup again, and you will see that all of your data and apps on internal storage is gone including the root app.

There's another way to do factory data reset, and that is through recovery mode, go to recovery mode and then select wipe data/ factory reset.
~ good luck ~

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