Sunday, February 9, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Fame first time setup

Alright, after you do factory data reset, the phone will be asking you to do first time setup, just like when you first buy the phone and turn it on.

So here's what's samsung galaxy fame first time setup look like :

You will be asking to choose language for the phone, for me i choose english (united states), not because i'm half asian, it's because i wanna speak english better :) LOL

Hit next, you will be asking to connect to Wi-Fi, if you don't have just select skip, and then you will need to select your time zone, hit next after you're done.

Then you will be asking to sign in to samsung account, you can skip it and do it later, next you will be asking Got Google? Do you have a Google Account? If you use Gmail, answer Yes.

Then you will see the Google & location setup, just press > , then you need to fill your name in order to personalize some apps, press > to continue.

Then Dropbox asking you to create new account or login to any existing account, by the way you get 50GB free Dropbox for 2 years.

And finally hit finish, and you're done doing the setup, welcome to your new phone :)

Next episode i will show you how to root the phone again but using different method and probably install CWM recovery, so stay tune :)

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