Monday, February 24, 2014

Double Dragon Trilogy on Galaxy Fame

Double dragon trilogy is another classic fighting adventure game from 16-bit era of game console, now available for android platform.

Double dragon trilogy contains three games from the series, double dragon 1 (1987), double dragon 2 the revenge (1988), double dragon 3 the rosetta stone (1990).

I remember playing double dragon 2 the revenge on my 16-bit SEGA game console back when i was little (not so little though).

I played double dragon 2 over and over, i don't know how many times i have beat this game, because at that time i don't have many games to play.

Double dragon trilogy definitely will bring back the good-old memories, anyone who played this game before should definitely play again on mobile phone.

Anyway, double dragon trilogy works perfect on samsung galaxy fame, i had no issue playing this game on my phone, everything is smooth.

So go ahead buy double dragon trilogy on google play store, i highly recommend this game for galaxy fame users/owners. This game costs $2.99 USD and i think it's worth it.

If you can't afford to buy, here's the alternative download link, and here's how to install it :
  • install the apk but don't open
  • extract the game data cache then copy the com.dotemu.ddtrilogy folder to /sdcard0/android/data/
  • open the game with internet connection, only for the first time (dont worry it won't download anything from internet)
And here's screenshots of double dragon trilogy taken from my galaxy fame:

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