Sunday, November 17, 2013

Compass app for Galaxy Fame

Samsung galaxy fame does not comes with compass app right out of the box, even though the phone has magnetic sensor inside.

Why would you need a compass on your phone?? having a digital compass on your smartphone would be very handy when you're on a trip for example.

There are many compass app on google play, but which one is the best? which one is the most accurate? I try app called "smart compass" and it's very accurate.

Smart compass is available as free app with ads on it, and also pro version which costs $0.99 USD but without ads. Here's the google play link for smart compass free and smart compass pro.

The pro version of smart compass also comes with metal detector to verify the magnetic sensor, and also support for GPS. Here's the alternative download link pro version of smart compass.

Now you're ready for some adventure !!

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