Saturday, November 16, 2013

Playing Mini Motor Racing on Galaxy Fame

Mini motor racing is a super fun racing game that works well on samsung galaxy fame. Unlike other racing game, mini motor racing offer different way to control the car.

On mini motor racing you control the car almost like you're playing remote controlled car, so you look the car from above not from behind like normal racing would.

I found mini motor racing as one of the best 'time killer' game, i can't stop playing each racing on carrer mode, this game is so addictive.

I suggest you play the carrer mode using car called "racer" (red and white colored) because this car has good handling and accleration, you can upgrade the top speed later after you have more money.

Mini motor racing is not a free game, it costs $0.90 USD on google play store but definitely worth it, and you can play this game on samsung galaxy fame with no issue, everything is smooth.

So what are you waiting for? go purchase mini motor racing on google play store now !!

Mini motor racing alternative download link.

Here's mini motor racing screenshots taken from my galaxy fame :

Ladies and gentleman start your engine !!


  1. Please, can you give me the files of the game? i tried to play this game in my Fame but i can't do it, i guess i don't have the correct files