Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mike V Skateboard Party on Galaxy Fame

Mike V skateboard party is a skateboard game similar to tony hawk pro skater on playstation, except this not feature tony hawk but mike vallely instead.

The gameplay of mike v skateboard party is just like tony hawk pro skater series, you can play carrer mode or free skate, upgrade your board, shoes, buy new clothes.

As i write this article, mike v skateboard party is the only HD skateboard game available on google play store, this game costs $1.90 USD on play store.

I already try mike v skateboard party on my samsung galaxy fame and it works well, no lag at all, everything running smooth.

So go ahead purchase mike v skateboard party on google play, this game is worth your money. Every skateboard fans should play this game.

Here's screenshots of mike v skateboard party taken from my samsung galaxy fame :

Here's mike v skateboard party alternative download, in case you can't afford to buy the game.

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