Monday, November 4, 2013

Playing CS Portable on Galaxy Fame

Critical strike portable (CS portable) is one of my favorite first person shooter game on android, CS portable is similar to Counter Strike game on PC.

CS portable is working well on samsung galaxy fame, i already try it on my phone, everything seems smooth and no lag at all, only the loading times little bit longer.

You can play single player or multi player game on CS portable, there are also few game mode available on CS portable such as classic mode, team death match, zombie survival, or bot match.

Another good thing about CS portable is that this game is actually free to download, CS portable available on google play store for free, thanks to the developer Studio OnMars.

So go ahead download CS portable for your galaxy fame, here's CS portable link on google play store. The size of this game is only 47 MB should be fit on galaxy fame internal memory.

In case you can't download from google play, here's the alternative download link

And here's screenshots of CS portable taken from my samsung galaxy fame :
What are you waiting for? grab your weapon and fight !!

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