Monday, November 11, 2013

Playing True Skate on Galaxy Fame

True skate is a skateboard simulation game which completely different from mike v skateboard party, on true skate you control the board by doing finger gesture.

For example to move forward you can swipe vertically on the side of the skateboard just like you normally push on a real skateboard.

To do an ollie (jump) you can pop the tail of the board and then balance the front of the board to land the ollie, just like on real skateboard.

Besides ollie, you can do other tricks too like for example pop shove it, kickflip, heelflip, hardflip, etc, the only thing you can't do is grab tricks (i think) because it's not possible.

True skate is not a free game, it costs $1.86 USD on google play store but i think it's worth your money, specially if you play skateboard in real life, you're gonna love this game.

True skate is 100% working on samsung galaxy fame without any issue, this game is running smooth on galaxy fame, only the graphics texture little bit rough though.

Here's screenshots of true skate taken from my samsung galaxy fame :
In case you can't afford to buy, here's the alternative download link.

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