Saturday, March 15, 2014

Video call feature on Galaxy Fame

Originally android does not support native video call, but samsung did something so that in some samsung's phones have this feature.

And luckily for us galaxy fame owners, our phones does support native video call right out of the box.

So basically you can do video call without an app, that's what native video call is about, no app needed.

But to get it works, if you're video calling someone, the phone that person use must have native video call too.

Here's list of samsung phones that support native video call :
  1. samsung galaxy fame
  2. samsung galaxy core
  3. samsung galaxy ace 3
  4. samsung galaxy s4
  5. samsung galaxy s3
  6. samsung galaxy s3 mini
  7. samsung galaxy s advance
  8. samsung galaxy note, note 2, note 3
So if your friend have one of those phone, you can do the video call without an app. Just dial your friend number then press the video call button.

Native video call is something nice to have on low end, budget oriented device like samsung galaxy fame. 

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