Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to move game data to external sdcard

Hi guys, welcome to another how-to tutorial for samsung galaxy fame, today i'm going to show you how to move game data to external sdcard using app called GL to SD.

First of all make sure you already root your galaxy fame, because GL to SD require root access to move the game data to external sdcard, otherwise this won't work.

So once you have root access, go ahead download GL to SD from google play store, or from here, don't worry this app is actually free (but comes with ads of course).

Now that you have GL to SD on your galaxy fame, go ahead open/run the app, it will asking for root permission and you need to allow it.

Next, you should see the list of games thats installed on your galaxy fame, and it will only shows games that has data cache.

Select the one you want to move to sdcard, the program will begin to move the data to external sdcard, wait until it finish.

Once the process finish, you will see the game you just moved to external sdcard, now everytime you want to play that game you need to open from GL to SD.

To move another game you need to unmount first by press the unmount button (notice there are two button mount and unmount on GL to SD).

NOTE : You can't open the game from outside GL to SD once you have moved the data to external sdcard. So you'll need to open GL to SD everytime you want to play the game.

~ enjoy ~

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