Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Into The Dead on Galaxy Fame

Today i'm going to talk about another game that you can play on samsung galaxy fame (not much game could be play on galaxy fame as you know), this game called into the dead.

Into the dead is look like one of those endless runner game, basically you just run into bunch of zombies and avoid them by turning left or right.

You can also equipped yourself with a dog, like K9 police dog, and also armed yourself with pistol, shotgun, machine gun or whatever weapon you can buy.

So basically in this game you're not only avoiding zombies but also can kill them if you're equipped with weapon or a dog companion.

And of course just like typical endless runner game, the longer you run the better you would be and you can collect more coins.

Into the dead is a free game and works very well on my samsung galaxy fame, so go ahead download this game on google play store.

Here's into the dead screenshots taken from my galaxy fame :

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