Saturday, March 15, 2014

Record FM radio on Samsung Galaxy Fame

FM radio became standard feature for android smartphones today, and that includes samsung galaxy fame which has FM radio inside it.

To be able to use FM radio on galaxy fame, you must attach headset into the phone, it will become the antena for the FM radio. 

And of course you can also record the FM radio, by simply press the record button (the red one) and it will start recording.

This is a clever way to get new song from a radio, for example there is a new song that you wanna hear but you don't wanna buy it, why not record it from a radio?

The recorded files in on m4a format, but of course you can convert it to mp3 using converter software on your computer.

By default, the recording files will be on internal storage, but you can switch it to external storage if you want.

Here's the location of the recording files :
  • /storage/sdcard0/Sounds/ (internal storage)
  • /storage/extSdCard/Sounds/ (external storage)

If you record for a long time then you should set the recording file to your external storage/ external sdcard.

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