Monday, June 23, 2014

How to install Walkman on Galaxy Fame

Normally if you want to use walkman app then you need to purchase a sony phone, because basically walkman is a sony product and not available for other phone.

But don't worry, in this article i will show you how to install walkman app on samsung galaxy fame, and this should be fun.

Okay, to install walkman on galaxy fame is not that hard, all you have to do is download the walkman apk and then install just like normal android apps.

You can download the walkman apk from here, note that this is the old version of walkman which i believe walkman version 1.0 from the old sony smartphones probably gingerbread era.

It is not the latest walkman, in fact it's probably the oldest walkman app, so it's not really pretty in terms of the UI (user interface).

Alright, once you install the apk on your galaxy fame, go ahead try open it. There are some features that you might want to activate :
  1. go to settings and then activate the "Use embeded album art" option, this will shows album art from the music files (if any).
  2. go to settings and then activate the "Shake to change songs" option, this will enables you to shake the phone to change songs.
I know this walkman app is not perfect, there are some features that's not working, such as music download, online music and the equalizer.

But it's okay, better than nothing, if you want the latest and fully working walkman app, i suggest you buy sony smartphone.

~ be happy ~

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