Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to remove CWM on Galaxy Fame

So after getting bored playing around with CWM, now you want to know how to remove/uninstall CWM on samsung galaxy fame?

To remove/uninstall CWM on galaxy fame is not that simple like when you're remove/uninstall app, because CWM is not an app.

I found that the only way to remove CWM and make the stock recovery mode back again is by flashing the phone with odin.

So basically if you flash your galaxy fame (with any available firmware), the CWM is also removed and the originally recovery mode will be back.

That's it, flash your phone and everything will be back to normal !! if you don't know how to flash samsung galaxy fame, read here.

NOTE : flashing your phone will increase the flash/binary counter on your phone (you can see this by going to download mode)

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