Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to root Galaxy Fame using Kingo

In this article i will show you how to root galaxy fame using software called kingo, it's one click root software just like VRoot.

So if you don't like VRoot, you can use kingo to root your galaxy fame (and other android device too of course).

Here's step by step how to root galaxy fame using kingo :
  1. download and install kingo on your computer
  2. activate USB debugging mode on your galaxy fame
  3. open/run kingo on your computer (on windows 7 run as administrator)
  4. plug your galaxy fame to the computer (MTP mode)
  5. let kingo detect your phone, it should says "Samsung Galaxy Fame (S6810)" something like that
  6. click the root button, wait until the whole process finish
  7. the phone will reboot, unplug the cable immediately
With kingo, you will get the proper super user app, unlike VRoot which you will get a chinese super user app.

But that doesn't mean kingo is the perfect tool, FYI kingo will try to install spam on your phone, that's why on step 7 you need to unplug the cable immediately.

You can also unroot using kingo, and i think unroot using kingo is more cleaner then unroot using Vroot.

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  1. there are so many methods of rooting can u suggest me which is the best and safe method of rooting. i know vroot is the safest method but will it offers complete root experience?