Sunday, June 22, 2014

Play Metal Gear Solid on Galaxy Fame

Another great game on ps1 that i want to play is metal gear solid, this game is amazing, and of course i want to play this game again on my samsung galaxy fame.

Metal gear solid still looks great even today, this game is all about great story, graphics, and gameplay, to me MGS1 is one of my favorite game of all time.

So here's video of me playing metal gear solid on my galaxy fame with PS3 controller

And here's video of me playing the VR training

Metal gear solid comes with two disc, disc one and disc two, and you need to get both disc in order to finish the game.

So you are going to download two ISO files, you can search on google for metal gear solid ISO, but here's where i download.

Here's screenshots of metal gear solid taken from my galaxy fame :

~ enjoy ~

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