Sunday, September 29, 2013

List of compatible games for Galaxy Fame

Samsung galaxy fame is not design for heavy game, everybody knows that, but of course there are some casual games that can be played on galaxy fame. So here's list of games that can be played on samsung galaxy fame :
  1. Angry birds
  2. Battleheart 
  3. Cordy
  4. Cordy 2
  5. Cut the rope
  6. Candy crush saga 
  7. Colosseum heroes 
  8. Critical strike portable
  9. Dead trigger 
  10. Double dragon trilogy
  11. Emissary of war
  12. Punch quest
  13. Tiny thief
  14. True skate
  15. Temple run
  16. Temple run 2
  17. Majesty fantasy kingdom
  18. Mini motor racing 
  19. Samurai II: Vengeance 
  20. Samurai Shodown II
  21. Sleepy jack
  22. Super stick man golf 2
  23. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
  24. Raging thunder 
  25. Raging thunder 2 
  26. Where's my water
  27. World of goo
  28. Wind up knight
  29. King of fighters 97
  30. Krazy kart racing
  31. Final fantasy crystal defenders
  32. Final fantasy 3 
  33. Flappy bird
  34. Foxtrot!
  35. LINE POP
  36. LINE Pokopang
And here's list of game that not works 100% (had issues)
  1. Need for speed shift (flickering issue)
  2. PES 2011 (flickering issue)
  3. Despicable Me (lag and flickering issue)
  4. Dead space (no texture, all white) 
  5. Gangstar west coast hustle (no texture, all white)

General Tips :
To avoid lag while playing games on samsung galaxy fame, if the game could be play offline then make sure you turn off your data network (3G/HSPA connection) and Wi-Fi before starting any games, and also clearing memory (RAM) would be a good idea.


  1. samsung galaxy fame is the worst android phone made by samsung,i dont know why i cant able to play nova,heroes of sparta,asphalt 5, gangster west coast hustle, all these games are running fine on galaxy ace then why cant these games are running on galaxy fame which has better os and processor than galaxy ace.

    1. galaxy fame has weaker graphics processor (GPU) than galaxy ace

  2. the one who made this phone is idiot,stupid,rascal

    1. i believe people from korea who made this phone :)

  3. i dont know why people say galaxy fame is better than s duos, but as i found s dous has better ram and resolution,and even games are running better when compared to galaxy fame. This stupid phone didnt even supported blood and glory and asphalt 7 which are very popular games, although luckily it supported frontline commondo with tremondous lag.

    1. s duos is much better phone for gaming

  4. i think asphalt 6 is playable on galaxy fame if u have download link plz send me

  5. asphalt 6?? evn flappy bird lags on galaxy fame...worst mobile ever

    1. yes i agree the worst samsung phone ever, they also make something even worst called galaxy fame lite GT-S6790

  6. will games run better after rooting,cmw installing roms on galaxy fame

    1. no, but if you use CorsiFame (custom rom) there is an options to boost the device probably can make it better for game.

  7. Hi theree, thanks for sharing; i just bought my new fame, soo many things her I would like to tryyy, thanks maan ;D keep postiing