Friday, September 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Fame Review

Samsung galaxy fame GT-S6810 is my second android smartphone, my first ever android smartphone is the sony xperia tipo, so in this review i will compare a lot the galaxy fame with my xperia tipo. This should be a quick/short review (i hope).


Samsung galaxy fame has luxurious design just like galaxy s3 or s3 mini, this probably reason why people want to buy this phone. Cheap and affordable samsung android smartphone with premium feels, best way to describe it.

The dimension of samsung galaxy fame is larger, higher and wider than xperia tipo, but it's still fit on my pocket very well, easy to carry just like my little tipo. Compared to xperia tipo, galaxy fame is actually slimmer.


On contrary with the design, the display of samsung galaxy fame is one of the weakness of this phone, the resolution is bad, colors are very poor, the fonts looks ugly. 

Both samsung galaxy fame and sony xperia tipo has 256K TFT LCD screen, but the quality is much much better on sony xperia tipo. 

Probably because xperia tipo has higher pixel density and smaller screen (3.2 inches 180 ppi on tipo vs 3.5 inches 165 ppi on galaxy fame).


The hardware inside samsung galaxy fame is more powerful compared to xperia tipo, galaxy fame has 1 Ghz single core processor, broadcom GPU and chipset, 512 MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage (1.95 GB user available space).

Just like xperia tipo, don't expect to play HD movie on this phone, the hardware is not powerful enough to playback HD movie, but with the help of third party software like MX player, galaxy fame should be able to play 720P movie using software decoder.

As for gaming, samsung galaxy fame should be able to run most of android game without problem. Some games that i already test and works well are angry birds, temple run 2, raging thunder 2, wind up knight, sleepy jack, and mike v skate party.


Samsung galaxy fame comes with android jelly bean 4.1.2 right out of the box along with samsung's touchwiz user interface. It's also comes with several pre-installed software such as samsung's chat-on, S-planner, memo, voice recorder, fm-radio, music player, movie player, game hub, samsung apps, quickoffice, dropbox, chrome, stock browser, clock, calculator.

I found that the basic software that came with galaxy fame is very useful, for example the memo app is great for writing some notes. The S-planner app is very good for scheduling any upcoming event. Even the clock app is very helpful, because it has everything, alarm, stopwatch, world clock, and timer. All of these basic functionality is there, you don't need to install from the market.


Samsung galaxy fame has 5 mega pixel camera on the back and 0.3 mega pixel on the front. Honestly i haven't really try to take photos outside yet, but i do some indoor test and i must say that the back camera is decent for it's class.

The camera has unique feature which is the touch focus, where you can move the camera focus by moving the focusing square with your finger. This is a feature that usually available on high end devices (or maybe not).


Samsung galaxy fame is another good entry level / budget smartphone with samsung's premium feels (it feels like galaxy s3 mini). If you came from lower specs smartphone or even a feature phone, you will like samsung galaxy fame, but if you previously owned high-end android phone you will be disappointed with galaxy fame.

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