Monday, September 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Fame Unboxing

From picture above (see the number in red color) :
  1. quick start guide
  2. samsung galaxy fame GT-S6810
  3. the box
  4. travel charger
  5. stereo headset / earphones
  6. usb cable

Missing from the picture is the 1300 mAh battery which i already put inside the phone. I heard that some people didn't get the stereo headset/ earphones. It's true the earlier version of galaxy fame didn't come with headset/earphones.

My first impression about the package i think it's very nice, the quality of the charger, headset and the usb cable are good, high quality stuff.

And it would be nice if it came with free microSD card, the only thing i didn't like though is the quick start guide is too small to read so it's useless.

I also make an unboxing video on youtube (sorry for the bad quality)

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