Saturday, September 28, 2013

List of apps that came with Galaxy Fame

So here's list of apps / software that came with samsung galaxy fame (pre-installed apps). I found that the pre-installed apps on galaxy fame is very useful, of course you can download similar apps on google play for free, but usually free apps comes with advertisement. I think that's the benefit of having pre-installed apps on your smartphone.
Here's list of apps that came with samsung galaxy fame (jelly bean 4.1.2)
  • Chat on
Chat on is samsung's messenger service which enables you to send and receive messages for every samsung devices that you own, all in one.
  • Chrome
Besides the stock android browser, samsung galaxy fame also comes with google chrome for better web browsing experience.
  • Clock
Don't under estimate the clock app, it has everything that you need, from alarm clock, world clock, stopwatch, timer, and desktop clock. So you don't have to install third party apps which usually free but comes with annoying ads. 
  • Calculator 
The calculator app that came with galaxy fame is just a basic calculator not a scientific one, a bit disappointing.
  • Dropbox 
Dropbox comes pre-installed on samsung galaxy fame, so you can access your dropbox files on the phone.
  • Game Hub 
Game hub is some kind of market like google play but only for games, not really useful for me since i'm always download games from google play.
  • S Planner
S planner app lets you organize your up coming event, very useful app and i believe this app only available for samsung smartphones.
  • Samsung Apps
Samsung apps is market place like google play and not really useful for me except for updating apps that made by samsung (not available on google play).
  • Play Music
Google play music also comes with galaxy fame, i think you can buy music with this app just like itunes, but i rarely use it.
  • Talk 
Google talk or now called hangouts is available on samsung galaxy fame right out of the box.
  • Memo
Samsung galaxy fame comes with memo app which enables you to take a note/memo of important stuff. I found this app is very very useful, i use it almost every day.
  • My Files (file manager)
Samsung galaxy fame also comes with file manager app called "My Files", another simple but useful app.
  • Maps
Like other android phones, galaxy fame also equipped with google maps.
  • Music Player
Besides google play music, galaxy fame also comes with samsung's music player which is quite nice.
  • FM Radio 
Galaxy fame has fm radio functionality like most of android smartphones, using the fm radio app you can also record your favorite radio show, good stuff.
  • Video Player
Galaxy fame also has stock video player which limited only to a few movie format.
  • Voice Recorder
Voice recording is a basic functionality for smartphones and it is a good thing that voice recorder app comes pre-installed on samsung galaxy fame. 
  • Voice Search
 Voice search also included on samsung galaxy fame, and since it runs on jelly bean, google now also available.
  • Youtube
Youtube app also available on galaxy fame, and in my experience this app is quite fast.

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  1. Automatic call recorder not working on Fame?
    which call recorder works on fame?