Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wechat works well on Galaxy Fame

Wechat is my favorite chat application on android, because it has unique feature called "people nearby" (previously called "look around") where you can search people on your nearby location and then add them as friend.

Other thing that i like from wechat is the "shake" feature, where you can find friends from all over the world simply by shaking your phone. Wechat also available for other platforms such as blackberry, windows phone and iphone.

Wechat also has stickers just like Line, and they recently add sticker shop where you can buy stickers. Unlike Line, the stickers on wechat are moving image (animated GIF), but i still think that the stickers on Line are much better, cuter.

In term of speed, wechat is faster than Line, and wechat works well on samsung galaxy fame. So i think you should check it out, here's the wechat link on google play store. Go ahead download wechat for your samsung galaxy fame, it's free.

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