Thursday, October 31, 2013

Playing PES 2011 on Galaxy Fame

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2011 is one of the best soccer game on android platform, and you can play this game on samsung galaxy fame.

Yes you can play PES 2011 on samsung galaxy fame but it's not 100% smooth, this game has flickering/shaking image issue just like NFS shift game.

This issue is very annoying even though you still can finish any match, this game is still playable. I think it's because the GPU on galaxy fame is really weak.

The flickering/shaking issue does not happen on sony xperia tipo, because tipo has better GPU which is adreno 200, while on galaxy fame the GPU is broadcom video core IV.

In case you want to try PES 2011 on your galaxy fame here's the download link, note that PES 2011 no longer available on google play store.

Here's screenshots of PES 2011 taken from my galaxy fame :


  1. But i dont understand this videocore 4 gpu is present in high end phones like galaxy grand,galaxy core,and these phones support high end games very well then y cant these games run well on fame?

    1. maybe the videocore gpu on galaxy fame has less processing power, i'm not sure though. maybe its time to buy new phone, like Moto G perhaps it is very good for gaming and low price too