Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to backup APK on Galaxy Fame

Alright today i'm going to show you guys how to backup any installed apps (backup the APK files) on samsung galaxy fame.

I believe this method doesn't require your galaxy fame to be root and this probably only works for free apps/games (i'm not sure).

To backup APK files we're going to need apps called 'File Expert' (FE), it's actually a file manager app and don't worry 'File Expert' is free to download.

So first i want you to grab File Expert from google play store here, once installed go ahead open it, you will see some tutorial how to use the app.

Now go to 'My Files' you will see bunch of icons, select the icon 'Apps', you will see list of the installed apps, select the one that you want to backup.

And then tab on backup button (clock icon), you will see two option 'Backup to GCloud' and 'Local Backup', select 'Local Backup'.

Wait until the backup process finish, once finished you can see the APK files that you just backup on this location : 


Now that you have the APK file of spesific app, so you don't need to download from google play again in case you want to install.

Note : 
this tutorial works using 'File Expert' version 6.0.4, in later version they may change the user interface of the program or even remove the backup APK feature, who knows. 

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