Friday, October 4, 2013

Playing Battleheart on Galaxy Fame

Battleheart is one of the best role playing game (RPG) on android platform, i must say. Because it has everything that RPG game should have and also combine with touch capability of an android device.

Playing battleheart for hours is such a great experience, this game is very addictive, because you have to level up all of your party member in order to complete all the missions.
Like other RPG you can buy weapons and armor to make your party member stronger, you can also recruit party member from different class such as knight, cleric, wizard, witch, rogue, barbarian, monk, etc.
I would recommend battleheart for every samsung galaxy fame owner who loves RPG, because battleheart is working well on galaxy fame, i have no issue playing it on my device.

Battleheart costs $2.99 USD on google play store and definitely worth to buy, here's the download link.
And here's the alternative download link i found while searching on google.

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