Friday, October 4, 2013

Need For Speed Shift on Galaxy Fame

Need for speed shift is one of the best racing game on android, even though it's been around for quite long time now on android platform. The question is could samsung galaxy fame running this game smoothly? find out here.

Good news, need for speed shift is playable on samsung galaxy fame, i already try it on my phone, it works. But this game is not 100% smooth, there is no lag issue but somehow the texture of surrounding area on the game became flickering sometimes.

I don't know why this happen, maybe because i use the game data from my 7 inches android tablet which has different resolution, maybe if i get the data of this game for HVGA resolution this won't happen.

Anyway even with the flickering issue, you could finish any race without having trouble, because it's not sluggish just the screen is flickering that's all.

So go ahead purchase (costs $3.65 USD) need for speed shift on google play store, the data of this game is only 81 mb, it should be fit on samsung galaxy fame internal memory.

Here's screenshots of need for speed shift on my samsung galaxy fame :
And here's the alternative download link i found after googling for hours.

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