Thursday, October 3, 2013

Playing Tiny Thief on Galaxy Fame

Tiny thief is another good game from rovio after successful with angry birds series. Tiny thief is a super fun puzzle game with beautiful presentation.

Tiny thief is definitely one of the great puzzle game on android platform, if you love puzzle game you will love tiny thief, this game is so addictive.

Besides tiny thief has great and beautiful graphic art, this game also offer great story and good music too (match with the theme).
Tiny thief is not a free game, it costs $3.66 USD on google play store but definitely worth it, i highly recommend tiny thief for every samsung galaxy fame owners.

Tiny thief works well on samsung galaxy fame, so go ahead buy tiny thief on google play store.
Or you prefer the free version? here's what i found while searching on google.

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