Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Playing Punch Quest on Galaxy Fame

Punch quest is a super fun arcade-fighting game with 16-bit style graphics and sound. Punch quest is super fun to play, very addictive, and it's working well on samsung galaxy fame.

The idea of this game is very simple but turn out to be very good game. The character you play will automatically moves and all you have to do is punch every enemy that gets in your way.

There are two punches you can do, the uppercut which can be use to jump and good for smashing aerial monsters, and the second is dash punch which good for land monsters.
Every time you play the game you collect coins which can be use to buy ability/skills or even accessories. There's also leveling system so you can level up after complete certain task. This is what makes punch quest very addictive game.

I definitely recommend this game for every galaxy fame owners out there, punch quest is not a free game (cost $0.9 on play store) but definitely worth to buy.
So what are you waiting for? go buy punch quest on google play store here's the link.

Or you prefer the free version of this game? here's the download link i found while searching on google.

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