Friday, October 25, 2013

Playing Final Fantasy 3 on Galaxy Fame

Final fantasy 3 is a remake game of the classic FF3 on NES platform, Final Fantasy 3 remake was first released on nintendo DS back in 2006 and now available for android.

I already try this game on my samsug galaxy fame and it works very well, no lag at all, everything seems smooth. I highly recommend final fantasy 3 for galaxy fame owners.

When you first try this game, you might get little bit confuse with the controls, but after a while you will get used to problem.

Another good thing about final fantasy 3 is that this game does not requires huge storage, the data is only 170 MB which should be more than enough for samsung galaxy fame internal storage (1.95 GB).

Every RPG hardcore/classic fans would definitely love final fantasy 3, so what are you waiting for? go grab final fantasy 3 on google play store.

Final fantasy 3 costs $14.38 USD on google play store, but it's definitely worth the money, even if you already play this game on DS, you should replay on android.

Here's screenshots of final fantasy 3 taken from my galaxy fame :
In case you can't download from google play, here's the alternative download link i found while googling.


  1. samsung galaxy fame is the worst android phone made by samsung,i dont know why i cant able to play nova,heroes of sparta,asphalt 5, gangster west coast hustle, all these games are running fine on galaxy ace then why cant these games are running on galaxy fame which has better os and processor than galaxy ace.

    1. yes, i agree with you...galaxy fame only good for casual games (2D games), of course galaxy ace is better for gaming than galaxy fame, because ace has adreno 200 GPU (same as sony xperia tipo), while galaxy fame has broadcom video core IV GPU....the GPU is much better on galaxy ace